Contents of electrical maintenance and repair work for centrifugal fans

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Contents of electrical maintenance and repair work for centrifugal fans

    As an important supporting equipment for industry, centrifugal fans are involved in industries including electric power, cement, chemicals, coal and other fields. It is precisely because the more the centrifugal fan is involved in the field, the higher the requirements will be. It is also essential for its maintenance work to strive for normal and safe and effective work in the work. Previously, the wonderful fan has explained a lot of knowledge about the maintenance of centrifugal fans. Today, I will mainly explain the contents of the electrical maintenance of centrifugal fans.    

    1. Check whether the wiring in the air compressor control cabinet is loose, and whether each part of the component is heated.    

    2. Check whether the indication of each controller is normal, and whether the display of each sensor is normal.   

    3. Check whether the lubricating oil of the motor bearing is normal, add lubricating oil appropriately according to the running time, and the total oil volume shall not exceed 2/3 of the oil storage capacity of the bearing.    

    4. Check whether the insulation of the test circuit breaker, cable and motor is good.    

    5. Tighten the wiring of the secondary terminal of the switch cabinet.    

    6. The test switch and the secondary protection action are reliable.    

    In summary, the correct maintenance of a centrifugal fan is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the fan and the improvement of the service life of the fan. Therefore, when using centrifugal fans, full attention must be paid.

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