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[Company news] A batch of high-pressure sealing fans have been manufactured
Recently, our company has undertaken a number of orders for sealing high pressure centrifugal fans. Due to the tight delivery time of these orders, the production workshop of the company has been full of hard work in the past month.
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[Company news] Name and purpose of power plant fan
In recent years, power plant renovation projects have been increasing. According to this, Jiangsu Jingcai Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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[Company news] Congratulations on the smooth delivery of the fan for the Vietnam *** color coating line production line project
In early August 2015, our company successfully won the bid for the full-line fan of the Vietnam color coating line project invested by Zhejiang *** Company.
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[Company news] If the speed of the centrifugal fan is not up to the standard check the bearing in time
Centrifugal fans are widely used. From the perspective of usage, many friends have encountered the situation where the speed cannot reach the rated speed.
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[Company news] Our plug-in high temperature resistant fan has been successfully assembled
Aiming at the coating industry, baking furnace, drying furnace, annealing furnace, and kiln industry, Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. once again successfully designed and manufactured the plug-in high temperature resistant fan for its hot air circulation.
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