Innovative development of ventilation equipment drives the development of the fan market

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Innovative development of ventilation equipment drives the development of the fan market

    In recent years, as the air purification market continues to heat up, it has led to the vigorous development of a number of new industries, and at the same time has promoted the continuous development of the fan market, especially the centrifugal fan market is optimistic. Centrifugal fan is a machine that relies on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and discharge gas. It is widely used in ventilation, dust removal, cooling and other aspects of factories and mines.   

    Recently, Wonderful Fan learned that due to the more and more serious air pollution, people's requirements for environmental quality in life and work are gradually increasing, and many factories are paying more and more attention to the working environment. This has led to the successive launch of many ventilation and ventilation equipment. At the same time, businesses are also constantly innovating and improving the performance of ventilation and ventilation equipment. The most important and indispensable part of these equipment is the fan. The fan is the main source of power and determines the amount of air output.   

    It is reported that the most commonly used fans in common equipment mainly include centrifugal fans and axial fans. Axial fans are fans with the same axial direction of air and blades, such as electric fans and fans of air conditioners. With such fans, the air will flow parallel to the fan axis, the air volume and pressure are relatively small, and the effect of drawing air is general. 

    When the centrifugal fan works, the airflow enters the blade space from the fan shaft, and the air is thrown out. A vacuum is formed in the wind wheel to suck air in. This principle is a bit like a tornado. The air volume and pressure of the centrifugal fan will be relatively large, but this does not mean that the greater the speed of the fan, the better. Some high-speed centrifugal fans can reach 2500 rpm, but high speed will also bring high noise and cause High static pressure (static pressure = wind pressure when the fan cannot pump wind).    

    Wonderful fan believes that how to improve the performance of ventilation equipment is not only a problem that its manufacturers need to think about. As a manufacturer of fan products such as centrifugal fans, how to improve the performance of centrifugal fans has also become particularly critical. It can be seen that in the future, the market will have higher and higher requirements for products such as centrifugal fans. In order to better adapt to the needs of the market, Wonderful fans will continue to introduce new ones and use better products to meet market needs.

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