Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Brand Won the "Brand Creation Award"

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Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Brand Won the "Brand Creation Award"

    On the morning of March 14th, Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. participated in the economic work conference organized by the industrial park, Chengdong High-tech Zone.

    At the meeting, the city and park leaders reviewed the economic work of the entire park in 2015, affirmed the achievements of related companies, and awarded a number of high-gold awards: Enterprise Scale Award, Brand Creation Award, and Technological Innovation Awards, corporate listing awards, advanced collective and advanced individual awards, etc.

    Our Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began to focus on the creation and promotion of the company’s brand at the beginning of 2013 when the company developed to a certain scale. At the same time, we actively responded to the country’s call for energy conservation. According to the judgment of the energy efficiency level 2 of the Energy Efficiency Testing Center of the Bureau, 7 patents were obtained in the same year, and the trademark "Paiteng" was successfully registered and so on.

    At today’s economic work conference, the city leaders and park leaders issued the "Brand Creation Award" to our company, which means that our company’s hard work in the brand creation process has not been in vain, and has fully obtained the industry market and leaders from all walks of life. affim.

    At the meeting, the city leaders actively mobilized the park from top to bottom to compare the annual goals and tasks to do a good job quickly.

    Gu Gang, deputy mayor and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chengdong High-tech Zone, attended and delivered an important speech.

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