Market development analysis of centrifugal fans

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Market development analysis of centrifugal fans

    In fact, the history of the fan is very long, but although the principle and function of the fan at that time are basically the same as the current centrifugal fan, the performance and structure of the centrifugal fan have become more and more perfect with the development of the times. Although the history of centrifugal fans has been developed for a long time, with the advancement of industrialization, the development of centrifugal fans has been advancing not shortly.    

    With the advancement of my country's industrialization process, the industry is vigorously carrying out energy saving and consumption reduction, and is preparing to upgrade and integrate the industry. The basic equipment of the industry also needs to be updated in a large amount. The centrifugal fan, as an important supporting equipment of our country's industry, is also indispensable. Centrifugal fans are the most commonly used production auxiliary equipment in the stone processing industry. They are mainly used in ventilation and dust removal devices, such as cyclones and bag filters in the stone cutting and polishing process. Centrifugal fans need to be used to remove dust on the production site. Ensure that the production environment is clean and protect the physical and mental health of the producers. Fan is a kind of high-energy-consuming equipment, and the power resource of consumable fan accounts for a large proportion in stone processing.    

    With the current increasing shortage of energy and the popularization and application of high-yield and high-efficiency working faces in my country, energy saving and consumption reduction has become a common concern of stone manufacturers. Many stone manufacturers regard reducing the power consumption of fans as their current important work. In addition to improving the efficiency of the fan itself, to reduce the power consumption of the fan, it is most important to select the adjustment method of the fan reasonably.    

    At present, the energy-saving adjustment methods of fans in the stone processing industry are still relatively outdated, and throttling adjustments are generally adopted. When throttling is used, the flow of the fan is mainly adjusted by adjusting valves or throttling baffles. The throttling flow of the fan is large, even when the load is low, the throttling is more than 50%. Due to the throttling loss and deviation from the high-efficiency zone operation, Energy waste is very serious. And if the fan speed is adjusted, the throttling loss can be eliminated, and the fan can always run in the high-efficiency area, so it can greatly save power. It can be said that adjusting the speed of the fan to run the fan is an effective energy-saving method, which reflects the current new trend in the production of building materials industry. Therefore, the market development of centrifugal fans is a great prospect.

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