Name and purpose of power plant fan

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Name and purpose of power plant fan

    In recent years, power plant renovation projects have been increasing. According to this,Jiangsu Jingcai Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. based on years of experience in this industry, initially introduced the names and purposes of fans used in power plants as follows for reference by those in need:

    1. Air blower: provide secondary air, after passing through the air preheater, part of it provides peripheral air, sandwich air, etc. to the burner, which has an impact on the flame at the burner and can cool the burner at the same time. The other part provides the amount of oxygen required for boiler combustion. The last part is to provide SOFA and COFA wind to adjust the combustion usage.

    2. Primary fan: (Take the medium-speed coal mill and direct-blowing pulverizing system as an example). The primary fan provides primary air, which is divided into two routes from the fan. One way is called hot primary air after passing through the air preheater. The air pre-heater is called cold primary air. Among them, the hot primary air provides drying power and ventilation power for the coal mill. After drying the pulverized coal ground by the coal mill, the pulverized coal is carried into the boiler burner. The cold primary air and the hot primary air are mixed at the entrance of the coal mill to adjust the inlet/outlet temperature of the coal mill, and it is also a part of the ventilation output of the coal mill.

    3. Induced draft fan: The induced draft fan extracts the flue gas of the boiler and maintains the negative pressure of the boiler. The flue gas enters the induced draft fan after passing through the air preheater ---- electric dust removal, and the induced draft fan sends it to the desulfurization system or directly into the chimney.

    4. Booster fan: the wind from the induced draft fan enters the booster fan all the way, and enters the chimney all the way through the bypass. (The bypass is not allowed to be opened during normal operation of the generator set, otherwise the flue gas that has not undergone desulfurization will not meet the environmental protection standards, and only allowed to open in the event of an accident in the desulfurization system) The wind from the booster fan enters the desulfurization system to desulfurize the flue gas Drain into the chimney afterwards.

    5. Sealed fan: The air source is taken from the cold primary air duct. The sealing fan provides sealing air for the coal feeder and the coal mill, and the sealing air of the coal mill is divided into parts such as grinding roller, grinding bowl, and loading spring.

    6. Dilution fan: The previous unit basically does not have this, because this fan is used for the denitration of the unit and provides air for the denitration system to dilute the ammonia.

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