Our plug-in high temperature resistant fan has been successfully assembled

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Our plug-in high temperature resistant fan has been successfully assembled

    Aiming at the coating industry, baking furnace, drying furnace, annealing furnace, and kiln industry, Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. once again successfully designed and manufactured the plug-in high temperature resistant fan for its hot air circulation.

    According to the user's actual working conditions and on-site layout conditions, this batch of fans is designed into a plug-in structure, high-temperature resistant stainless steel impellers, and uses high-temperature motors + cooling fans to eliminate the adverse effects of high-temperature media during circulating transportation, and can withstand temperature~ 350°C.

    The following figure shows the first batch of plug-in high temperature circulating fans customized by our company for a large-scale coating production line customer in China. At the same time, we also warmly welcome customers to consult and purchase.

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