Performance and development of centrifugal fans

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Performance and development of centrifugal fans

    I believe everyone is no stranger to centrifugal fans today. In fact, to put it plainly, centrifugal fans convert kinetic energy into potential energy. Because they can drive the high-speed flow of surrounding air, they are widely used in mining, industry, construction, drying industries, and Air conditioning equipment, etc. Since it is widely used, what are the performance characteristics of centrifugal fans? What is the future development trend of Yamato? The following Baoxin Fan will answer them one by one. 

1. Performance of centrifugal fan    

    Centrifugal fan is essentially a variable flow and constant pressure device. When the speed is constant, the pressure-flow theoretical curve of the centrifugal fan should be a straight line. Due to internal losses, the actual characteristic curve is curved. The pressure generated in the centrifugal fan is greatly affected by changes in the temperature or density of the intake air. For a given intake air volume, the highest intake air temperature (lowest air density) produces the lowest pressure. For a given pressure and flow characteristic curve, there is a power and flow characteristic curve. When the blower is running at a constant speed, for a given flow rate, the required power increases as the intake air temperature decreases. 

2. The development of centrifugal fans    

    With the advancement of my country's industrialization process, the industrial industry is vigorously carrying out energy saving and consumption reduction, industrial upgrading and integration and reorganization, and industrial infrastructure equipment needs a large number of updates. As an important supporting equipment for industry, centrifugal fans will be more used in electric power, cement, petrochemical, coal, mining and environmental protection fields. Under the new economic development situation, the centrifugal fan industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the future. In the future, the market scale of the centrifugal fan industry will reach an unprecedented scale.    

    It can be seen that the centrifugal fan uses a high-speed rotating impeller to accelerate the gas, then decelerate, change the flow direction, and convert kinetic energy into potential energy. This makes it widely used in industrialized industries and promotes its development path. The market for wind turbines has once again been promoted.

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