The dust removal fan customized by the Tibetan customer was shipped smoothly

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The dust removal fan customized by the Tibetan customer was shipped smoothly

    Not long ago, the Tibetan customer signed a supply agreement with Wonderful Fan. After the agreement was signed, Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Co., Ltd. immediately organized relevant personnel to fully put into production. Due to the customer's urgent demand for the product, after 15 days of rush work, the delivery was finally The production of the "Big Guy" dust removal fan GRJC-266D was completed before the date, and it was finally sent to Tibet.

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    Before leaving the factory, Wonderful Fan conducted a comprehensive test and commissioning of this dust removal fan to ensure the performance of the entire set of equipment. At the same time, the staff also carried out strict packaging of this set of equipment to ensure that it was foolproof during transportation and could reach the destination smoothly, and gave the customer a satisfactory answer sheet.

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    The dust collector will be used in the construction of concrete mixing plants, which can reduce urban noise, dust and construction waste pollution, ensure the quality of construction projects, and further implement environmental protection requirements.

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