Under the "storm" in August, the determination of supply guarantee will not move!

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Under the "storm" in August, the determination of supply guarantee will not move!

In Taizhou at the beginning of August, it rained repeatedly and several heavy rainstorm forced our flood control bag out. However, no matter how strong the wind and rain are, our determination to ensure supply on time is still firm.


On a day in mid August, the consecutive days of precipitation finally slightly weakened, as if the heavens were also trying to catch their breath. Our original concern about the suitability of shipping on rainy days has also been resolved, as this batch of goods needs to be sent to the port as far as the Philippines, and it is necessary to ensure that the goods arrive in good condition and reach the customer's hands.


The masters in charge of shipping are working tirelessly to prepare for the shipment, and have a clear division of labor to quickly install all six 4-79 series (with a brief introduction to the series of fans at the end of the article) fans onto the vehicle. Looking at the wind turbines of this entire vehicle, we imagine that they will cross the ocean to reach customer projects and hold onto their positions in the next 10 years. The efforts and efforts made in the past month have been worth it for this moment!


Regardless of the environmental conditions, we make every effort to ensure that the goods arrive safely in the hands of our customers. This commitment and professionalism are not only reflected in our care and transportation of goods, but also in our respect and concern for customers. All this effort and dedication is to make customers feel our professionalism and sincere service.

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