Centrifugal fan for dust removal

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Centrifugal fan for dust removal

    The dust removal fan has the dual functions of ventilation and dust removal. The main feature is that it can purify the air in a limited manner, and can partially eliminate the toxic and harmful components in the gas, so that the working environment meets the industrial hygiene standards. The working principle of the dust removal fan: The unit is placed in an independent dust removal room, and the corresponding air duct and dust hood are connected to the dust collector. When the dust-laden air enters the cabinet from the dust source through the dust hood, air duct, and air inlet, it is because The airflow suddenly expanded and the flow rate dropped suddenly. The large particles of warp powder were not separated from the dust-laden air under its own weight and settled into the ash drawer. The remaining dust particles were filtered, collided, hooked, and statically charged by the filter element. It is retained on the outer wall of the filter element, and the purified air is discharged by the fan through the outlet.

    Jiangsu Wonderful fan dust removal fan impeller adopts wear-resistant material + unique wear-resistant process, and adopts the unique principle of "wet vibrating wire" dust removal technology, which has high dust removal efficiency, low resistance, low energy consumption, small size, light weight and consumption. It has the advantages of less water, low noise, simple maintenance, non-clogging, and continuous sewage discharge.

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