Centrifugal fan for thermal power

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Centrifugal fan for thermal power

    Actively developing the power-based energy industry is my country's long-term strategic goal. The country has set a power construction policy of "vigorously develop thermal power, actively develop hydropower, and appropriately develop nuclear power". The fan industry is responsible for supporting fans for thermal power stations. At present, the fan products used in the power generation process of domestic civil thermal power plants mainly include blowers, induced draft fans, primary fans, and desulfurization booster fans.   

     The centrifugal fan manufactured by Jiangsu Wonderful Fan is widely used in the thermal power industry. The structure design and material selection of the fan take into account factors such as wear resistance, so it has a reliable guarantee in performance and quality, and the fan has low noise and high efficiency. It is the best choice for fans in the thermal power industry.

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