Converter gas centrifugal fan for steel plant

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Converter gas centrifugal fan for steel plant

    Fans are generally used as booster equipment in the steel industry and play a very important role in the development of steel companies. Fans play an important role in every step of steel production: dust removal, boiler fan, introduction of cooling air, discharge of hot air... 

    Fans used in the production process have many mechanical limitations: high temperature, melting, and exhaust air with high dust content. High temperature fans, exhaust fans, axial fans, etc. are all fans used in the steel industry. The fans produced by Jiangsu Wonderful Fan for the steel industry have excellent quality, stable performance and high efficiency. The world's advanced structural design scheme is adopted, which not only effectively reduces The noise of the fan is reduced, and the sealing structure is optimized to ensure that the conveying gas does not contain oil pollution. The fan runs smoothly without vibration, and the quality is safer and more reliable. The company has been cooperating with several major steel giants such as Tianjin Shengbao Steel, Hunan Lianyuan Steel, Shandong Luli Group and Jiangsu Lianfeng Steel for many years.

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