Dryer fan

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Dryer fan


    The working principle of the dryer fan is: the fan uses a motor to suck cold air into the air cylinder-heating wire-hot air-into the barrel to achieve the purpose of drying. Dryer fans are generally relatively large, and the fans are almost always running continuously. The use of frequency converters can save 30% of energy saving. In addition, the noise of the overall drying equipment will be reduced a lot after using the inverter, and the service life of the drying equipment will be prolonged. 

    The dryer fan produced by Jiangsu Wonderful Fan can be widely used: the supply and induced air fans of the supporting drying equipment. The company will conduct regular equipment operation surveys and inspections, professional technology to solve the problems encountered by customers, regular customer satisfaction surveys, provide valuable opinions or suggestions to our company, and regularly record telephone interviews. Know the operation status of the wind turbines in time , Promises a one-year warranty. Upon receiving the message from the customer to repair the fan, the staff will rush to the site within 48 hours, with an advanced on-site dynamic balancing machine, which can analyze and improve the vibration of the entire unit.

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