Embedded centrifugal fan for coating industry

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Embedded centrifugal fan for coating industry


    Coating is an important link in the surface manufacturing process of construction machinery products. The appearance quality of the product not only reflects the protection and decoration performance of the product, but also constitutes an important factor in the value of the product. There are also many options for fans used in paint workshops. The fans used in paint workshops mainly include air-conditioning air supply fans, paint spray booth exhaust fans, and drying fans. 

    The selection of fans for the coating industry mainly starts from the following aspects: 

    (1) Noise characteristics: The noise characteristics of the fan during operation are certified according to the ANCA standard test, 

    (2) Balance characteristics: All wind turbines should undergo a complete motor balance test after assembly. 

    (3) Explosion-proof characteristics, 

    (4) Environmental protection and energy conservation: The national energy conservation and environmental protection policies and requirements should be considered in the selection process of the fan. The fan for the coating industry manufactured by Wonderful Fan is not only compact in structure and small in size, but also extremely convenient for maintenance and cleaning of paint debris. It is the first choice for the coating industry.

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