Fan for casting

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Fan for casting

    Fans for casting are used for various types of iron furnaces in the melting department of the foundry. They can also be used for other purposes according to their performance, but they are limited to exhaust air and non-corrosive gases, not spontaneously ignited, and do not contain Viscous material gas, silicon dust in the exhaust gas is not more than 150 mg/m3, and the gas temperature is not more than 80 ℃. 

    Jiangsu Wonderful fan adopts professional solutions in the structure of the fan blades, casing and air outlets, and is reasonably designed according to the wind tunnel effect. The air outlet passes through the two sides of the heating element evenly. The heat exchange rate is high, and the air volume and air pressure loss are small; Equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the motor speed to meet the needs of accurately adjusting the air volume, and the power can also be adjusted by continuous pressure regulation, which can more accurately control the temperature and air volume; it can be equipped with small centrifugal fans, high-pressure centrifugal fans, and high-pressure blowers to achieve different air volumes and Wind pressure requirements; according to customer requirements, according to the processing capacity, various horsepower casting fans can be tailored.

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