Furnace fan

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Furnace fan

    The kiln needs a certain reasonable air supply, so the fan is indispensable in the operation and use of the kiln, such as: the compressor induced draft fan, which mainly removes the flue gas from the preheating zone and the firing zone in the kiln to ensure the kiln It can rise to a predetermined temperature and adjust the pressure of the kiln. Part of the flue gas is supplied to the drying kiln. The centrifugal fan blower mainly delivers air to the spray gun to ensure that the gas is fully and completely burned in the kiln. The high-pressure induced draft fan mainly discharges the air blown into the kiln by the quenching fan and the direct cooling fan in the cooling zone in time. At the same time, the natural air is extracted through the slow cooling pipe to exchange heat with the hot air flow and products in the kiln, and the extracted hot air is supplied for drying Kiln use.

   The kiln fan produced by Jiangsu Wonderful Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been designed and developed many times in combination with the actual use environment. The product has high efficiency, significant energy saving effect, and low noise. Under the premise of ensuring the strength of the fan, it also has a compact structure, It is easy to install, repair and maintain, and is especially suitable for gas pressurization of factory and mine gas station, blast furnace, coke oven, converter gas pressurization, and gas tightness such as ammonia and biogas.

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