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backward inclined fan

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Backward-blade fans operate at about twice the speed vector of forward-bend fans. The highest static pressure efficiency is about 80%. For a given operating condition, in general, larger fans have higher efficiency. The volatility of the backward-bending blade fan is greater than that of the forward-bending blade fan. The advantages of back-blade fans are high efficiency and no overloading of the power curve. Its power curve usually reaches a maximum in the middle of the usual range, so that overloading is generally not possible. Blades and impellers have high structural strength and can be used in high static pressure systems.

The disadvantage of the backward-blade fan is that due to the high operating speed of the impeller, a thicker shaft and a larger bearing are required, and the requirements for balance are relatively high. In addition, fluctuations in static pressure can easily cause changes in working conditions. The improvement of the backward-blade fan is to replace the blades of equal section with the blades of the airfoil section. This improvement increases the static pressure efficiency of the fan to about 86%, and also reduces the noise of the fan accordingly. The superiority of the back-tilt airfoil blade fan is valued by more and more fan users, and it is widely used in some places that require high efficiency and low noise.

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