High temperature centrifugal fan
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High temperature centrifugal fan

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The high-temperature centrifugal fan is only used in high-temperature workplaces, and its material has relatively high temperature resistance, and is widely used in chemical industry, forging, electric power, petroleum, nuclear power plants, metallurgy, green and other fields.

For the drying industry, boiler industry, cleaning industry, coating industry, food drying industry and other supporting and production of high temperature centrifugal fans, the operating temperature is between 100 ° C and 180 ° C. The operating temperature of the air-cooled type is within 230 °C, and the operating temperature of the water-cooled type is within 280 °C.

The gas to be transported is air or other gases that are not self-igniting, non-self-exploding, non-entangling, harmless to the human body, and non-rusting to steel materials. It can also be used to transport hot gas, steam and smoke without rust, spontaneous combustion and viscous substances in various industries. Others with similar performance can also be selected, but the temperature of the conveying medium should not exceed its rated temperature range.

There should be no viscous substances in the gas, and the dust and hard particles contained in the gas should not exceed 150mg/m3. If the dust content is large, a dust removal device with a ready-to-use no less than 85% should be installed in front of the fan to reduce the flue gas content entering the fan. Dust volume, in order to improve the fan life.

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