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industrial centrifugal fans

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Industrial fans are not an exact fan concept. Fans are divided according to the scope of use, and can be divided into small household fans, commercial fans and industrial fans, so we can regard industrial fans as other fans that exclude small household fans and commercial fans.

Industrial fans include centrifugal compressors, centrifugal fans, axial fans, roots blowers, roof fans, dust exhaust fans, high temperature fans, air conditioning fans, power station fans, fire fans, mine fans, sewage treatment fans, tobacco fans, grain fans Fans, marine fans, boiler blower induced draft fans, etc.

Industrial fans are mainly used in various working environments with complex conditions and high operating loads, such as ventilation of tunnels and underground buildings, fire-fighting and high-temperature smoke exhaust in metallurgical production plants and mines. In addition, industrial fans are also specially designed to be used in various high temperature, humidity, corrosion and wear environments according to the needs of users.

The design of industrial fans must focus on their service life, operational safety and reliability, and materials with better size and thickness are also used in manufacturing. Therefore, compared with commercial fans and domestic fans, industrial fans are better in structure, material and service life. have decisive advantages.

During the use of industrial fans, they are usually in high-speed operation, which places high demands on the bearings of industrial fans. Generally speaking, the bearings used in industrial fans are especially superior to the other two types of fan bearings. They have better performance in terms of strength, wear resistance and temperature resistance, and can work for a long time in complex and difficult-to-maintain environments.

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