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explosion proof fan

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Explosion-proof fans are mainly used in flammable and explosive gas places to avoid accidents caused by flammable and explosive materials. The fan can be widely used in ventilation, dust removal and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induced draft of boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation of air conditioners and household appliances; drying of grains and options; wind source of the wind tunnel and inflation and propulsion of the hovercraft.

The design of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan follows the basic principle that the surrounding explosive environment will not be ignited under the specified conditions, but in addition to preventing the ignition of the explosive environment, the explosion-proof centrifugal fan must also prevent the ignition of the explosive medium, that is, the explosion-proof centrifugal fan also needs to transport the explosive gas. prevent ignition. The core of explosion-proof centrifugal fans is the use of components that avoid sparks. The main design features include: the use of explosion-proof motor, the use of aluminum impeller, to prevent the fan from generating sparks in use.

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