Standardized retraining

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Standardized retraining

    On May 19, the company once again organized some employees to participate in the training of standardization knowledge to popularize standardization knowledge, which means to comprehensively and effectively promote standardization work to ensure the smooth progress of the enterprise standard system construction.

    Through this study, we have clearly realized that in order to do a good job in standardization management of an enterprise, we must start with the concept of standardization and enterprise management, and explain various management systems based on the standardization principles of simplification, unification, coordination, and optimization. Position in the enterprise.

    1. Standardization of strategic planning and decision-making

    The development of an enterprise must have a scientific, standardized and pragmatic enterprise strategy analysis system to effectively analyze the future development opportunities, threats, weaknesses and advantages of the enterprise, determine the enterprise’s development philosophy and culture, and conduct business positioning, industry positioning, and products. Positioning and market positioning to clarify company strategy.

    2. Standardization of Operation Process

    Generally, companies have certain management methods for the internal management and control system of a certain department, but it is difficult to have a better management and control method for the connection between departments. Therefore, the more the authority and responsibility between departments are defined, the more the problem will be. many. At this time, it is necessary to clarify the operation process of the enterprise, so that the department can be incorporated into the process and become a node in the enterprise process, determine the various processes of the enterprise, and carry out scientific planning and design of the process, so as to achieve the most efficient operation of the enterprise. excellent.

    3. Standardization of organizational structure

    The purpose of a standardized organizational structure is to coordinate the relationship between corporate departments and departments, between personnel and tasks, so that employees can clarify their rights, responsibilities, and benefits in the company, as well as work styles and evaluation standards, and effectively ensure Organize activities to ultimately ensure the realization of organizational goals. Organizational structure determines organizational behavior and directly affects the implementation of corporate strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to design a matching organizational structure for the company based on the actual situation of the company to achieve the goal of smoothly exerting its capabilities.

    Fourth, the standardization of rules and regulations

    The management system is an effective tool for standardized management. It can well define the operating principles of various departments, positions and employees. It can make the management system of the entire company more standardized and make the behavior of each employee subject to reasonable constraints and incentives. There are rules to follow, there are rules to be followed, the enforcement of the rules is well-founded, violations can be corrected, and compliance can be rewarded. Its main contents include: standardization of management system, standardization of the definition of code of conduct, standardization of performance management standards, standardization of penalties for violations, etc.

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